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Play by message

Players meeting
Game room
( 1 vs 1 by message )

How to play
"in the Chatroom"

"APP Bulltricker 2D" prepares
a message to send in the
chatroom for each move played.
You just have to paste
and send the message.

How to install
"APP Bulltricker 2D"

Instructions for installing the
"APP Bulltricker 2D"
(3 possibilities to play)

Download game
"APP Bulltricker 2D"

Download APP Bulltricker 2D
(Full game in 2d)
for Windows
for Mac
for Linux


The essentials to know about
the rules of the game,
in a few pictures





Author Bulltricker game : David Jonca
Copyright all rights reserved ©1992-2021
Phone +33 6 98 05 11 53 (France)


How to install the game on my computer ?

1) Download the application according to the operating system of your computer. (Have no fear, the browser signals a risk because the file is not known, and even the OS system can do the same scare, but it is not, and to make sure for yourself, skip the entire archive to your antivirus, everything is clean).
Unzip the archive in an office, and go to the directory and launch the Bulltricker application.

2) To play against another player from anywhere, for the moment, we can play with the application and its system of [copy & paste] coordinates of the moves, which must be sent to the opponent.
But we can play 3 to 6 moves per minute, it's easy.

3) Go meet your opponent in the chatroom by clicking here, and share your messages with your moves.
The games are played very well because the application manages all the rules of the game.

4) The app also allows two player play on the same computer.

5) The application also allows you to play on a local network in PvP, 1 Player versus 1 Player in Local Game.