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How to play
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"APP Bulltricker 2D" prepares
a message to send in the
chatroom for each move played.
You just have to paste
and send the message.

How to install
"APP Bulltricker 2D"

Instructions for installing the
"APP Bulltricker 2D"
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The essentials to know about
the rules of the game,
in a few pictures





Author Bulltricker game : David Jonca
Copyright all rights reserved ©1992-2021
Phone +33 6 98 05 11 53 (France)


How to play by message in our chatroom ?

Here are some instructions for playing by message against another Player.


[ A ] - How players should prepare to play a game by message in the chatroom (this is what you need to know first).

[ B ] - How to send the move.
[ C ] - How to reproduce the move.

[ A ] - How players should prepare to play a game by message in the chatroom.


[ 1 ] - How to play a game, move by move, by exchanging messages in a chatroom :
It's easy because the game application generates a message to send for each move played.
It recognizes and reproduces each move played received by message.

Part of the game is played in "piecemeal" mode.

When it's your turn to play:
1 - You play >>> 2 - Your application generates a message >>> 3 - You copy and send this message in the chatroom >>> 4 - Your opponent selects and copies this message >>> 5 - He clicks and validates this message in his application >>> 6 - Your move is automatically reproduced on your opponent's gameboard >>> 7 - Now it's your opponent's turn to play.

When it's your opponent's turn.
1 - Your opponent is playing >>> 2 - His application generates a message >>> 3 - Your opponent copies and sends you this message in the chatroom >>> 4 - You select and copy this message >>> 5 - You click and validate this message in your application >>> 6 - The move played by your opponent is automatically reproduced correctly on your gameboard >>> 7 - Now it's your turn to play.

To make it easier to send and receive moves, you can prepare your game:
Position the game window next to the chat window, this makes it easier to copy and paste messages.


[ 2 ] - On the welcome screen, choose "Settings".


[ 3 ] - In the "Settings", go to the "Board Rotation" section and deactivate the permanent rotation by clicking on "Off".


[ 4 ] - If you don't want to change any other setting, then you can go to the home screen by clicking "Return".


[ 5 ] - And launch the game by clicking on "Quick Play"


[ 6 ] - If you are playing with "Whites" you have nothing else to do, you can start play your move.
           If you are playing with "Blacks", go just below to read the next instruction [ 7 ].


[ 7 ] - To play with "Blacks", you have to change the direction of the "black pieces" to display them at the bottom,
           by just clicking on "Rotate Board".


[ 8 ] - Now that the "black pieces are at the bottom" of the game window, the player can wait to read "White's move message"
           and copy it to insert it in the "reserved text area" [Apply].



[ B ] - How to send the move.


[ 1 ] - Initially, the game presents as below. "Domi" play with Whites.



[ 2 ] - The Whites start. Using the mouse, the player selects a pawn to move.



[ 3 ] - And moves the piece to an authorized square.
At this time, you can see coordinates displayed. These are the coordinates of the move that has just been played.
These coordinates make it possible to reproduce the movement of the move on another game board.
The coordinates are automatically generated by the application, and they are displayed at the bottom right.
In this example, these coordinates are v6.2 f.h3



[ 4 ] - To copy these coordinates, just click on the COPY button, and the coordinates are stored in plain text.
They are ready to be pasted in a messaging application, email, messenger, or in a chatroom.



[ 5 ] - Then, using the mouse, you just have to go to the window of the chat room, and in the text zone to write in the chat room, you do "right click" + "paste".
This is why it is important to place the two windows side by side (game window, and chatroom window).



[ 6 ] - You just have to choose "paste".
It is not necessary to "paste in plain text", because the application has already memorized the message in "plain text".



[ 7 ] - Then the message is displayed, and you just have to send it by clicking on "send".
Be careful, because the coordinates message at once, should only contain the message copied by the application.
You must not write any other character or space in this message.
To write something other than a coordinates message, it is better to send a separate message.



[ 8 ] - Your opponent can then see the coordinates of the move you just made.
In these examples, the Player named "Domi" plays with White, and the Player named "Jo" plays with Black.



[ C ] - How to reproduce the move.


[ 1 ] - You must reproduce the moves play by your opponent, on your own gameboard.
In this example, it is a message that indicates the coordinates of the move just made by the player who has Whites.
In this example, the gameboard is displayed for the player playing with Blacks.
In the chatroom (on the right), there is the message that was sent by the player who plays with Whites, this message contains the coordinates to be reproduced in your application (your gameboard).
(In these examples, the Player named "Domi" plays with Whites, and the Player named "Jo" plays with Blacks.)



[ 2 ] - Using the mouse, you just have to select the coordinate line of this message, without adding any characters or spaces, neither before nor after.
For information: Be sure to select the message received in chat, by selecting only the contact message.
Example: The coordinates received are "v6.2 f.h3", so be sure to select only message content like this   
v6.2 f.h3  .
Do not select any other character or additional space, neither before nor after these coordinates.
Otherwise, the application will not be able to validate the move on your gameboard, and it will indicate "illegal move".
And you will have to come back to the chat window again to correctly "select" the message and come back to the game window to display the coordinates.



[ 3 ] - Then "right click" and "copy".



[ 4 ] - Go back to the game window, and just "right click" in the "Apply text box".
You will then see the coordinates of this message which are automatically entered in this Apply zone.



[ 5 ] - Click on the [ Apply ] button, and your opponent's move is immediately reproduced in your application (On your gameboard, see the white pawn circled in yellow)
As soon as you have reproduced your opponent's move on your gameboard, then it's your turn to play.
You will notice that the coordinates that you validated, are passed in the text box located just above the one where you had them displayed.
This is normal, because this area always displays the moves that have just been played on your board.
Whether it is for Whites as for Blacks.
After making your move, don't forget to send your opponent the coordinates of your move.
The players must continue doing so on until the end of the game.
Good game !