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"APP Bulltricker 2D" prepares
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You just have to paste
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The essentials to know about
the rules of the game,
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Author Bulltricker game : David Jonca
Copyright all rights reserved ©1992-2021
Phone +33 6 98 05 11 53 (France)


Bulltricker... Strategy game !

How to Play
Example of the rules

Download and install the Bulltricker game app.
This app is a beta version which helps you play by message.
Find a friend or an opposing player, and play by message in a room of this chat.


Example of an end of the game, which ends with a very nice "full trick" by black who won, because of the 4 pieces that enclose the white king, there is at least one black piece.

Example : A complete game played between two Players (French)
on the wooden version game

Application Bulltricker 2D : [ Download for Windows ] - [ Download for Mac ] - [ Download for Linux ]
This computer version was programmed by Hamza Ezzaoui Rahali (ENSIAS - Marocco)

Aim of the game : Surround your opponent king with 4 pieces of which at least one of yours

Bulltricker is a new strategy game in its own right, it is often considered to be a new form of the game of chess.
Same objective, you must checkmate the opposing king.
This reflection game will change you from the draughts game, checkers game, or chess game.
It is offered to real fans of strategy games, but also to chess players, amateurs and professionals.
This game allows you to play strategically and tactically.
And the stronger you are, the more great moves you will discover to play.
In the meantime, you should find out quickly, test it against reflection game players. Do not hesitate, it's free...


You can download the "APP Bulltricker 2D", a simple and modest application of the game Bulltricker, completely playable, and which contains the algorithm of the rules of the game. You can find a player, or suggest a friend, a player to come here to play a game with you. This chatroom has been installed here to play Bulltricker games by message.
At the moment, there is never anyone there, so you won't be disturbed here.

You must have downloaded and installed the game before you can play in the chatroom : Download « Bulltricker 2D game » [ for Windows ] - [ for Mac ] - [ for Linux ] - Unzip the archive in your desktop, enter its directory and run "Bulltricker.exe" and enter CHATROOM to play for free in PvP by message. It is preferable to position the application window and the chatroom window side by side.